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Presentations and Applications

This page presents several presentations and applications. The presentations and applications work best on a screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and a zoom of 100% in full screen mode.

A reasonably fast internet connection is needed for running the applications. In addition, the browser needs to support the .NET framework.

It may also be necessary to add this web page to the trusted sites in the security settings of the browser used.

To the knowledge of the author the applications do not contain malicious code. The applications run completely within the browser and do not access the operating system or the registry of the host computer.

The presentations do not address experts in the field but people with some previous general training in semiconductor physics or related fields which want to update their knowledge a bit.


The author does not take any resposibility for errors or flaws in the applications or in the presentations and any damage resulting from them. By using these applications the user agrees that he/she alone is responsible for the correctness of the results of the applications.

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